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American Resource Management Group is a private holding company with an operating focus on troubled asset acquisitions and cancellations. Our passion for providing superior customer service and the lowest fees for liquidating travel-related assets helped launch ARMGtransfers.com to the top of the vacation portfolio management industry. The primary clients who will benefit from our services are distressed Timeshare and Vacation Ownership contract holders looking to be removed from the rising financial burdens that these “assets” present. Our asset managers are the industry’s premiere timeshare liquidation and termination experts and we are here to help YOU.  All of our asset managers are trained to offer you free advice and work diligently to properly qualify you for our services. If your property does qualify for our timeshare redemption or timeshare termination services, we provide a streamlined and pleasant cancellation experience that will quickly and permanently remove you from all of your future financial obligations to the resorts.

All of our transfers are handled by a licensed, bonded, and insured title company, protecting all parties throughout the transfer process. Your purchase is also protected by  giving you peace of mind knowing that you are finally relieving yourself of your vacation property and the associated financial obligations.

We are NOT a property listing company and we do NOT offer timeshare rental listings.

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