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American Resource Management Group Reviews

Our clients are passionate about our services because we offer them something that is so hard to find; honesty, integrity, prompt service and a compassionate ear. We know that there are a few other companies that claim they offer comparable service but the one thing they lack is our conscious actions to only do what is best for you, our valued client.

100% Of Our Testimonials Are Real! 100% of Our Testimonials Are From Actual Clients! 100% Of Our Clients Are People Just Like You!

American Resource Management Group Reviews

“ARMG was professional and has lived up to my expectations. The Time Share business borders on unethical, ARMG is a refreshing solution to escaping the Time Share ransom.” ~ J. Donovan, Kennesaw, GA

“Pleasant and wonderful!” ~ C. Brunson, Claymont, DE

“Your representatives responded promptly to our inquiries and were pleasantly friendly and courteous. WHEW– What a relief. ” ~ R. & S. Wilde, Idaho Falls, ID

“We have been so pleased with all your help and the professional way you have handled everything.” ~ L. Chattin, Vincennes, IN

“Glad for the service, rather not to have to pay to get out of the contract, but your pricing was better than anything I could find.” ~ L. E. Rogers, Dayton, OH

“We are overjoyed with the GOOD news about being free from our Wyndham Timeshare property.  We want to thank you for expediting things so completely. After being SCAMMED several times, this is the best news that we could have heard.” ~ James and Jean Carter, South Carolina

Get out of your Orange Lake Resort timeshare“I am thankful that you were able to help set me free of my obligation with the timeshare. It’s unfortunate that these timeshare companies have to be so crooked. We enjoyed going to Vegas, Hawaii, and Florida while we owned the timeshare but they just got greedy and drove us out. There are probably thousands of other timeshare holders that have discovered it is very difficult to get out of the obligation. Thanks again for your help, if I find anyone else that can use your service I will definitely refer them to you.” ~ D. Rollo, Gilbert, AZ

“It was a very satisfying experience doing business with the American Resource Group. Everyone was very friendly but professional. The cost of getting timeshare free was cheaper than other companies I had checked with and was done in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to become timeshare free!” ~ C. Steinbach, Colstrip, MT

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“I am extremely pleased with the assistance I received from American Resource Mgmt. Group. They were kind, considerate, professional, timely, and most of all, they accomplished what they said they would. My overall experience was great and I’m thrilled to have this off my plate!!!” ~ P. Scherr, Austin, TX

“At first I was skeptical, but through their presentation and answering all our questions, we soon trusted AMR to handle the transferring/selling of our timeshare. They were very thorough and kept us informed along the way.” ~ J. LaPerche, Newark, NJ

Get out of your Grand Villas at World Golf Village timeshare“You provide a very needed service. Although I thought your cost was high, it was more desirable than other companies I researched and you delivered. I would definitely recommend American Resource Management!” ~ C. Hohn, MT

“I just want to say thank you very much, i had been trying to get out of my timeshare for about 10yrs. . I think its nice to know that there are still some honest companies in this industry.” ~ E. Donalds, Minneapolis, MN

“It was a complicated process that was handled with respect. My questions and concerns were always answered quickly. The staff was very friendly. Price was lower than expected.” ~ C.D. Barnes, Pittsburgh, PA

“Thank you so much for helping me achieve freedom from this money pit known as a timeshare. I felt very comfortable with your staff. The only critique I have is I did feel a little pressured to begin the process when I called asking about information and the process and pricing (had to commit within a couple hours). That did make me a little nervous at first, like I might have just been scammed again. And even though it was a little spendy, I do think it is worth the price now that it is over. I also know that it took awhile, but I know that is the process and that Florida timeshares must be a “peach” to deal with so I thank you so much for sticking with me and seeing this all the way through to the end.” ~ J. Holm, Spencer, Iowa

Get out of your Diamond Resort timeshare“I am absolutely thrilled with the services I was offered. Although it was difficult to have to pay to be rid of my timeshare, this was no fault of yours. Eric and Jamie were wonderfully responsive, thorough and gracious. Thank you for your help and for helping me obtain timeshare freedom!”
~ M. Janaitis, Washington, D.C.

“At first contact, I was quite reluctant to enlist the services of American Resource Management. After many attempts to sell my timeshare, I realized that was not the avenue to release us and family of the financial obligations of timeshare ownership. American Resource Management has guided us through each step in this process, keeping us informed as this a time consuming process. I appreciate all your personnel that were so considerate in this process.” ~ K. Edgerly, Port St. Lucie, Florida

“At first we were skeptical about whether we would be able to rid ourselves of our time share. After several weeks of searching the internet and calling several “we can rid you of your timeshare” companies, we found the American Resource Management Group site and after talking to them, we decided to take the giant leap and put our money in their hands to get out from under our timeshare. We made the right choice. The cost was very reasonable. We appreciated the professionalism that was exhibited during the entire long process.” ~ D. E. Brewington, Reno, NV

“The over all experience was pleasant, everyone that I spoke with was patient and explained where we were in the process. The pricing was competitive.” ~ B. Taylor, Richmond, VA

“We are pleased to be rid of our timeshare. It has been a pleasure working with the people at American Resource. Thank you for doing everything you said you would do and in a timely manner.” ~ D. Ambuehl, St. Louis, Missouri

Get out of Beach Quarter Resort timeshare“Everyone in ARMG are very professional, especially Jamie. She is very sweet. I appreciate all your help.”
~ I. Anderson, Richmond, VA

“We are very happy to finally not have to pay for this timeshare which we do not use anymore since retiring. Thank you A.R.M.G..” ~ D. & P. Jarvela, Salisbury, Mass.

“It is a huge relief to be rid of our time share. I truly appreciate Jami’s persistence in dealing with Wyndham through the obstacles we had to endure. We are extremely grateful.” ~ I. Brown, Saint Louis, Missouri

“ARMG have given us back our peace of mind by removing us from this timeshare and we are very grateful. We had no trust in anyone involved in timehare but they have restored our trust and have been very supportive and efficient. The cost was very reasonable in comparison to another company that we received a quote from and the time frame they gave us was true so we are very happy.” ~ P. & R. Tycehurst, Tuncurry, New South Wales

“I feel relieved and stress free! No financial obligations to the resort. It feels good. Mahalo (thanks) to Jami, Mahalo for your support and always keeping me in the loop. You are so upbeat every time I talk to you, mahalo for that. God Bless and take care.” ~ K. Akau, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Cancel Diamond Resorts timeshare“Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Good job! Very little effort on my part. Would recommend you to other people. Thanks for a job well done.”
~ G. Volling, Lake Villa, IL

“Your service has been very good and accomplished everything that was stated.” ~ B. & C. O’Brien, Greenville, SC

“Very professional, upfront, excellent followup.” ~ M. & L. Long, Chicago, IL

“It is so wonderful to be free of this obligation. The salesman at our latest upgrade said we were stuck with this, but not only us, also our children forever. The only way we could make it better was to buy more. We were pressured unbelievably.” ~ J. Hadden, Charleston, SC

Cancel Treetops resort timeshare“Working with Jami has been a great pleasure. She is well acquainted with our account & keeps us informed. The services offered are like non other we have tried working with. What ARMG tells you is exactly what you will receive…freedom! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get out from under the timeshare hypocrisy. Thank you ARMG!” ~ J. & M. Toczek, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

“The company has been great to work with. The price was expensive but well worth it in the end. Overall the experience was pleasant.” ~ L and D. McMichael, Douglas, Wyoming

“Everyone was very polite, pleasant & professional. Everything was handled as it was explained to us.” ~ P. Brennan, Allentown, PA

American Resource Management Testimonials


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“Your disposition of our time share met my expectations.” ~ G. Haycock, Livonia, Michigan

“We are pleased to find a company who helped us get rid of this resort that we did not want or need, but kept costing us more money.” ~ G. & C. Adcock, Little Rock, Arkansas

“It has been a pleasure working with you. I am excited about finally being free of timeshare ownership. Thank you American Resources.” ~ M. White-Win, Richmond, VA

Cancel Makai Club Condos Resorts Timeshare“Basically you did what you said you would do and that is what I wanted. I initially thought the pricing to be a little high but after a lot of research I could not find a better way to get rid of this burden.”
~ R. Wessels, Payson, Arizona

“We have been very happy with the services – Jaimi has been great! It has been a painless process and thrilled that it has been successful. Thank you!” ~ R. Lozner, Washington, D.C.

“…everyone was nice and supportive and successfully transfered timeshare.” ~ J. Calbertson, Columbia, South Carolina

“Educated, efficient, competent. You did well.” ~ H. and B Culbertson, Knox, Indiana

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“A bit pricey and Takes time to get everything processed but worth every cent!” ~ M. Cruder, Wake Island, Hawaii

“You did it- this was a rotten deal and we were anxious to dump it. Worth the money you charged.” ~ T. Pitts, San Rafael, California

American Resource Management Testimonials

“Everyone was helpful, friendly and flexible. I wish it didn’t cost so much to get rid of the timeshare, but I am relieved to be done with that obligation.” ~ D. Crane, West Nyack, NY

“Completely satisfied with service and price was ok.” ~ D & L Peffer, Perry, Iowa

“It feels great to get rid of this timeshare.” ~ M. Lindsay, Morrisville, NC

Cancel Westgate Orlando Timeshare“I was extremely satisfied with your services.You did everything you promised and made me feel like an important client at all times.I would recommend anyone in need of your services to you with confidence.” ~ W. Phoenix, Lake In The Hills, IL

“It came down to trust for me. If they can’t deliver, you get your money back. They are absolutely ethical, do what they say and communicate with you every step of the way. In addition, although I live in California and they are in Rockford, Illinois, I grew up in Rockford and know the location of their home office. It is a mile from where my mom lives. The location was real, and it was in a business park in a nice part of town. This reassured me that they weren’t some outfit from a foreign country, but were real. They are a husband and wife team and they are the real deal!!!! Trust this one, you can’t go wrong.” – K. Hoffman, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“My wife and I are very glad you were there for us. It is a great satisfaction to be free and clear. Price to settle the transfer was good and Wife and I thank you all very much.” ~ C. T. Brown, Dover, Delaware

“My husband and I are ECSTATIC that American Resource Management and its staff were able to relieve us of our timeshare burden when other similar companies couldn’t! The cost to do so was fair, and every member of the staff that assisted us along the way was friendly, professional, and courteous, and they explained every step of the process to us very clearly.” ~ N. Brandenburg, Paulden, Arizona

Cancel a timeshare contract“Thank you for your wonderful support staff communications and for taking care of the transfer of my property so efficiently and guiding me through the process wrapping it up. Your company did everything that it promised. Pricing was good and affordable, worth the price and a good sharer less than some other companies who had contacted me.” ~ V. Huerth, Webster, Minnesota
American Resource Management Reviews


“It has been a pleasure to work with American Resource, They handled all the paper work in a timely matter, I could not be more pleased with them.” W. Senese, New York, NY

“I am Very Pleased with the professional treatment we have received. and would recommend your services to anyone wanting to sell their timeshare.” ~ M. Wood, Neola, Iowa

Cancel Santa Barbara Resort timeshare“We found that your company did exactly what you promised. The feeling of relief and freedom from fees is exhilarating!!! Thank you so very much”
~ G. & J. Berard, Burlington, Vermont


“Services were great. It took a little longer than we had hoped, but it feels wonderful to be free of these two contracts.” ~ M. & M. Beck, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Thank you for helping us get rid of the timeshare you did a great job” ~ M. Gomez, Fairfield, NJ

Cancel Rancho Mirage timeshare“We appreciated the help to get out of a no-win situation.” ~ D. Carroll, Riverside, CA; shopped around for over a year before choosing ARMG.

“You did as you promised, responded to inquiries in a very timely fashion, succeeded in your efforts and you made it abundantly clear that you were operating in my best interest. I was also impressed with your corporate demeanor with regard to the Rockford community where you are located. That kind of behavior on your part speaks well of you and your operation. If you would be interested in more of my evaluation please advise me and I will gladly respond.” ~ D. A. Shaffer, Cincinnati, OH; cited high annual fees, shady dealings and feeling trapped as his reasons for wanting to get rid of his timeshare property.

“We are glad to have had your service. all worked out in the end. We will recommend you to others. we know of one now..” – D. Smith, Vancouver, BC, Canada; Chose American Resource Management Group to end his timeshare troubles after shopping around for nearly a year for a suitable solution, citing problems with availability as the main reason to get rid of his timeshare property.

“Thank you, from those of us who did not use our timeshare, and got tired of paying high maintenance fees. Shyla Cline’s occasional phone calls were much appreciated!” – M. & S. Sears, Spokane, WA

Cancel RCI timeshare“Explained everything in detail, did not hide anything and did exactly what they said they where going to do, I am very happy with this company, no more maintenance fees that go up yearly, And fees.”
~ J. Gorman, Woodland Hills, CA

“Having been scammed by another timeshare resale company, I was very concerned that this would happen again. But I am very pleased that my timeshare is no longer mine. And your company did everything promised, and gave much reassurance along the way.” ~ C. Hawley, Portland, OR

“This was a very smooth transaction, no hidden fees everything went just as they said it would. I am now free from my Timeshare and I couldn’t be more pleased.” ~ D. Niday, Santa Ynez, CA; Wanted out of her Westin Mission Hills timeshare due to high annual fees.

“I feel relived that we don’t have the burden of the timeshare anymore. The price was reasonable after all the money we spent with other companies and they didn’t do anything for us. So I will highly recommend this company and when I get the money to take care of my other timeshare I will go with this same company. We are very satisfied, Thank You!” ~ P. Seaman, Tacoma, WA

Cancel a Timeshare Reviews

“Appreciate your promptness and availability. Glad to be free of the timeshare.” – R. Fisher, Stillwater, OK

“Your services are very affordable and the process is painless. I am very pleased with the whole process and will definitely recommend you to friends.” ~ R. Crawford, Charlotte, NC; Cancelled timeshare due to problems with availability.

“Excellent service at a reasonable price with a quick turn-around. Thank You.” ~ D. Dulin, New York, NY; Rarely used his timeshare due to problems with availability.

“It was great working with Scott, Eric, the only problem I had was it took a little longer then expected, but that was caused by Grand Getaways. Thanks Guys, free, free at last.” ~  W. & T. Olynyk, Las Vegas, NV

Cancel Peppertree Tamarack timeshare“Your services were excellent with call backs being a high priority and great satisfaction to us. Pricing was better than average with a discount for multiple properties. We were definitely pleased with the services that you provided and would highly recommend your services to anyone seeking to rid their selves of a timeshare burden.”
~ E. Reinhart, East Peoria, IL

“I was extremely satisfied with the services. Took a while but finally got it done. It was a pleasure working with the personnel there especially Shyla. I would recommend you to anybody that needs your services.” ~ R. Switzer, Ham Lake, MN

“I’m so glad to finally find someone to get rid of your timeshare, even though it cost us money to get rid of it. But in the long run we are ahead.” ~ D. Beck, Maniwaki, Quebec, CA

“You have done an excellent job for me and waited as I paid off this years annual fees. I will tell others (if I hear of someone) of your service and hope that they will use you to help them. Thank-you very much!!! I have told others about you but don’t know if they will or have called you!“ ~ S. Utter, Phoenix, AZ

Cancel LaCabana timeshare“My overall experience was very good. I why made to feel that i could trust the company to do what they said they would do. I was always able to get in touch with the person looking after us. Shyla was very good and keeping in touch and letting us know how the transfer was coming along. We are very grateful that this has been accomplished and a load has been taken from our minds. ~ Y. Groves, Mississauga, Ontario, CA

“I truly appreciated the sincere care that was taken in helping alleviate this burden. Shyla and Jami both did an excellent job in answering any concerns I had and reassuring me that it will be taken care of. Very professional and dedicated are the employees of American Resource Group. I am so thankful that I came across your website and had the opportunity to work with great people to help me through this timeshare removal. THANK YOU!!!” ~ A. Schutte, Kurtz, IN

American Resource Management Reviews

“Your services were thorough and excellent.” – B. Stinson, Dallas, TX (Bluegreen)

“Shila was awesome to work with. She kept me updated regarding the process and sent me a congratulations letter when the process was completed. It is nice to be out of the time share industry.” ~ P. Gilmore, Roy, Utah

“Our first telephone contact with Eric was refreshingly candid. Everything followed the time line set out in that call.” ~ M. T. Bliven, Springfield, Mass.

“We would refer our friends to use their services.” —  R. & M.L. Hedrick, Los Angeles, CA



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Cancel Palm Beach Shores Resort timeshare“Overall service was professional and reassuring. You demonstrated a sense of urgency for my venture. You provided regular status updates. You promptly resolved my questions and concerns. You were friendly. You made a potentially intimidating experience manageable. You responsibly settled renewal maintenance fees. Wonderful.”
~  B. Foster, Brandywine, MD

“Very professional.” ~ G. Mitchell, Jacksonville, FL When asked the question, “How long did you shop around before deciding to use our services?” replied, “None – You Were Our Only Choice”

“Pricing was acceptable. All staff from the front office to the owner were a pleasure to work with. I think their sincerity and trust were major factors in my acceptance of their hard work.” ~ T. Johnson,  North Port, FL Cited “Trust” as the main reason he chose our services over our competitors.

“I am thrilled with your service and results. It was such a relief to deal with an honest, above-board group of people, who actually did what you promised. The fee was also reasonable.” ~ L. Raber, Hershey, PA

“I am now time share free!” ~ E. Ramey, Mobile, AL

Cancel Fairfield Wyndham timeshare“Your company did everything you said it would do. We are relieved to be out from under this burden. Thank you all very much!!!” ~ G. Smith, Mossville, IL

“Very pleased. ARMG did what they advertised they’d do. Members of ARMG staff are professional and personable.” ~ E. B. Cogswell III, Billings

“My biggest concern, once I finally came to terms with the idea that I would have to pay to get rid of my time share and the ever increasing fees, was finding a company I could trust. The BBB ratings meant a lot. Thank you.” – S. Cullen, Nashville, TN

“I felt comfortable with your services and did not feel pressured at any time. Relived to have it all behind me know since we were not using it.” ~ C. Bauer, Inglewood, CA

“Thought I might be risking some money to get out of my timeshare but it was worth the risk and would deal with this company again.” ~ D. Little, Calgary, Alberta, CA

“This is our second time to use your services. Both times you successfully completed our ownership of the timeshare. We believe you do what you say you can.” ~ E. L. Spencer, Greenville, TX

American Resource Management Testimonials

“We appreciated the help to get out of a no-win situation.” ~ D. Carroll, Riverside, CA

“Thank you for helping us get rid of the timeshare you did a great job.” ~ M. Gomez, Phoenix, AZ

“It’s been difficult trusting any company, especially in the last few years, but American Resource Management Group, did do everything they said they would and we are very satisfied with the friendly people we spoke to.” ~ Y. De Le Hoya, Riverside California

“The price was affordable and the Transfer was easy.” ~ G. L. Stewart, Troy, Ohio

Cancel Presidential Villas at Plantation Resort“After lengthy conversations with you, I became convinced that I could trust you to do what you said you would do! You were up front about the pricing and you also were the most reasonably priced of the four companies I looked at. You guaranteed a reasonable time frame in which these transactions would be completed!” ~ D. Carter-Wood, Ball Ground, Georgia


“Your services were professional your staff returned calls quickly and as promised. the paperwork was easy to complete and the fees charged were extremely reasonable. Because this was my second go around transferring timeshares I was hesitant however your staff explained the process, ensured I could be released from my timeshares. funds within a period of months. and yes.. the ownership transfer occurred exactly at the time estimated. I can not thank you enough and will be more than happy to refer other clients to you.” ~ J. Boese, Tempe, Arizona

“We are thrilled to be rid of our Diamond Resort property and are using your services again to also get rid of our older, better Wyndham timeshare.” ~  T. Boese, Fort Bragg, California


“I am grateful to have dealt with a company in the timeshare business who was honest and efficient timewise. Your people were friendly and eager to be of service.” ~ H. Rosen, South Jordan, Utah

“Very satisfied. The details were spelt out from the beginning and the timeline was basically followed as defined. Very good support from the company.” ~ R. Doyle, Calgary, AB Canada

“They did what they told me over the phone. Also they are good people to deal with. they would answer the phone when you called or if you left a message they would return your call. their price was very compatible. This transaction was done in a reasonable amount of time to get us out of our timeshare. I would recommend america resource to any one. I was well pleased with their service. Excellent job they done. Their price was well below other company’s If you need to get out of your time share give American Resource a call. I searched the internet and I felt these people were the best to deal with and I found no negative comment’s against them.” ~ R. Wyatt, Kingston, Tennessee

“Resource management was always available to answer questions about the progress of the timeshare acquisition.” ~ S. Cox, Amarillo, Texas

“The manner in which I was dealt with by their staff from the first call I ever had with them was what made me choose this company. The assurance I had with them was not the experience I already had with over 6 different websites and the people their companies had me speak with. I went from one website to the next never feeling comfortable to choose to have them deal with our timeshare release. It was extremely stressful to say the least. I knew that I needed to do this but to think that who I was dealing with wasn’t being honest with me or safe was horrible. The whole experience I had with them, even though I didn’t need to complete the process, was professional, prompt, comforting, understanding, and diligent. All of these characteristics were what I needed to have to go ahead with this company. I would surely recommend your company to anyone that I ever meet that finds themselves in the same predicament.” — S. Steen, Harwich, Massachusetts 

“I’m just glad its over!” ~ H. Foley, Licking, Missouri

“I was very pleased when I called and was given the initial information. Everything seemed to work as planned.” — T. Myers, Hedgesville, West Virginia

“It is a LARGE relief that we don’t have to pass that debt on to our kids. And use the money for us.” — W. Sharp, Seattle, Washington

“Efficient, good, friendly responses.” ~ R. Orrill, Campobello, South Carolina

“ARMG did not receive any money from us; the issue with the resort resolved quickly. Eric Cline either answered my calls and spent time with me to answer my questions or he QUICKLY returned my calls if I had to leave voicemail. Eric was genuine and was genuinely concerned about me, the problem with the resort, and the solution to the problem. He gave useful advice and encouragement not only on the direct problem but also regarding peripheral issues. When it was clear that our situation did not fit into the core service of ARMG he was ready with referrals to someone who could help us, all the while taking time to advise us even though we were not contractually or financially connected. Eric and ARMG was professional, punctual, and caring from beginning to end. When it comes time to transfer the title of the timeshare and finally be rid of the resort experience, I will definitely call on ARMG. It is rare to find trustworthy people or companies in the topic of “timeshares” (from resorts to consumer advocates). Most people are slick, high-pressured sales people who are only interested in your money. These companies do most of the talking and “run over ” you with talk if you try to say something. The have an answer to everything, which is rarely an answer to your original question. ARMG and Eric Cline actually LISTEN. They (ARMG) do not talk over you, they do not patronize you, they do not pressure you, and most importantly they do not try to sell something you do not need. If they can not help you in your present situation then they will explain (multiple times if necessary) the details to you and possibly refer you to someone who can help. I will definitely refer anyone, especially my family and friends to ARMG if I think ARMG can help. Thank you again! ARMG and Eric Cline were like a lifesaver-ring buoy to us as we were drowning and surrounded by sharks.”  ~ G. Olona, Columbia, South Carolina



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