Client Case Study – Ms. J. Church

Church American Resource Management Group Review

Timeshare Problem:

Ms. Church of Manitoba, Canada owned her timeshare for over 15 years before she decided that she wanted out. She was sold into the timeshare because the salesperson made her believe she was buying into an investment. Ms. Church used exchange services every year but was still not satisfied due to cost and availability. The hassle was just too much for her.

Why did Ms. Church chose use over the competition? “Trust!”

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Timeshare Solutuion:

After shopping around for over a year for a company to help her relieve the problems of owning her timeshare, Ms. Church found American Resource Management Group. She chose to work with our Timeshare Redemption specialist in order to clear her of her timeshare problems.

“Your team kept informed every step along the way!”


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Since American Resource Management Group Helped Ms. Church get out of her timeshare, a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. She no longer worries about fees, exchange companies, or availability problems. She can now travel hassle free when and where she wants, and does not have to worry about passing this burden on to any immediate family member. If you’re like Ms. Church and have been relentlessly searching for a GUARANTEED solution to your timeshare ownership dilemma, choose a company you can trust. American Resource Management Group prides itself on a company culture of integrity, honesty and compassion. We’ve helped thousands of timeshare owners get out of their timeshare contracts, and we will help you, too! American Resource Management Group will assign you a dedicated case manager, who will keep you updated regularly throughout the Timeshare Redemption progress, so that you aren’t left wondering what stage your timeshare cancellation process is at. Respect, communication and promises kept…that’s what you can expect from ARMG! Call us right now Toll Free to get rid of your timeshare and attain Timeshare Freedom: 888-338-4427