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Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Mossville, IL knew they needed to find some way to get free of their timeshare contract. Though they’d owned and used their timeshare for just over a decade, it became apparent that their children did not want to inherit the financial responsibility. As with most timeshare contracts, the Smiths were tied into a clause that would pass their timeshare ownership on to their heirs when they passed.

How did Mr. and Mrs. Smith feel after ARMG helped them cancel their timeshare contract? “…relieved to be out from under this burden.”

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Rather than leave it up to their grieving children to find a way to cancel the timeshare contract, the Smiths wisely shopped around to find a reliable company who would take care of the red tape. After searching for over a year, Mr. and Mrs. Smith found that American Resource Management Group had the ideal price for this much needed timeshare cancellation service.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were so satisfied with the services they received from ARMG, they said they’d even recommend us to their friends!

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Being free from their timeshare contract, the Smiths can now rest easily knowing that their children will not be burdened with timeshare inheritance and all of the associated maintenance fees, special assessments and tax payments.

If, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you’re worried about leaving the headaches of timeshare ownership to your heirs in the event of your death, don’t wait! Call the professionals at ARMG for a swift, legal and GUARANTEED solution to your timeshare perpetuity problems.

By committing whole-heartedly to delivering the absolute best customer service in the timeshare cancellation industry, American Resource Management has earned a sterling reputation that remains unmatched. Check ARMG’s high rating with the Better Business BureauAmerican Resource Management Group has been built on the Midwestern ethics of accountability, superior customer service and transparency of operation that may seem old-fashioned, but will never go out of style.

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