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V Huerth American Resource Management Review

“I’m as happy as on a Christmas Day! Thanks for transferring my former timeshare out of my life and pocketbook!”


Ms. Huerth of Saint Paul, Minnesota was frustrated with her timeshare when she finally found the help she needed at American Resource Management Group. She’d owned her timeshare for more than 15 years, using an exchange company every other year or so. Though she was satisfied with their availability, she cited the high annual fees as her reason for wanting to find a way out.

“I’m very glad to be liquidating this timeshare week, getting it off of my hands and out of my hair!”

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She searched around for over a year before finally finding us. When we asked Ms. Huerth what made her choose American Resource Management Group and our timeshare redemption services over all of the other companies she had come across who offered to help her get out of her timeshare contract, she cited “Trust” as the deciding factor.

“The company rep (Eric) and this company has integrity and a great track record.”

In fact, she was so happy with our Timeshare Redemption services, Ms. Huerth said she would even recommend our services to a friend!

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Finally being free of her timeshare frees Ms. Huerth up to travel when and where she likes. As well, she will no longer have to face the exorbitant fees associated with timeshare ownership. When telling us of her experiences trying to get rid of her timeshare prior to finding American Resource Management Group, she had this to say:

“I have previously lost too much money trying to get rid of this timeshare and also have paid too much.”

If you’ve been searching for a GUARANTEED way out of your timeshare with a company you can rely on, look no further than American Resource Management Group. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, high rating with the Better Business Bureau and long list of happy clients.

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