Client Case Study – J. Stewart

J Stewart ARMG review

(Actual client picture, used with permission.)

“I found no shortcomings in your service. I could always reach representatives by phone or email.”


Ms. J. Stewart of Maryland was ready to get out of her timeshare, which she was led to believe would be as easy as putting it up for sale. Like most timeshare owners, Ms. Stewart was shocked and dismayed to find out that selling her timeshare was not an option. She was sure she wanted to get out from under her timeshare obligations, and her children were not interested in taking on the responsibility.

“I was led to believe that I would have no trouble “selling” the timeshare whenever I no longer wished to own with the expectation of recouping some portion of my initial investment.”

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Unfortunately, she found out the truth about selling a timeshare…it’s NOT a viable option. The easiest, most reliable way to legally rid yourself of timeshare contractual obligations is through the services of a reputable timeshare cancellation company like American Resource Management Group.


When the time came to choose a timeshare cancellation company to help her achieve timeshare freedom, Ms. Stewart knew there was just one company to trust with the job. American Resource Management Group’s unsurpassable A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and 100% money-back guarantee made her feel she’d found the right company to cancel her timeshare contract. ARMG was able to alleviate Ms. Stewart of her timeshare burden and give her the peace of mind she needed. The excellent communication and availability of friendly, helpful consumer advocates made the process go smoothly.

“You Were Our Only Choice.”

Ms. Stewart was so satisfied with ARMG’s Timeshare Redemption¬†services, she told us she would even recommend our services to friends!

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Timeshare freedom brings with it a feeling of relief that ARMG’s satisfied clients agree is well worth the cost of our services. Making the choice that Ms. Stewart made will mean no longer feeling the uncertainty of whether or not your timeshare will be available when you need to use it. Nor will you live with the anxiety brought on by ever-increasing annual maintenance fees, taxes and assessments. But perhaps the greatest relief will be knowing that you won’t be leaving timeshare headaches behind for your family.

“My daughter will not have the burden of timeshare ownership and associated maintenance fees!”

Search no further! ARMG promises a GUARANTEED solution for your timeshare problems. American Resource Management Group is the company that you can count on to get you out of that timeshare and into a new life of timeshare freedom. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and our long list of satisfied clients.

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