Client Case Study – The Miksiks


(Actual client picture, used with permission.)


Mr. and Mrs. Miksik of Bloomington, IN felt that the salespeople who sold them their timeshare were less than completely honest with them. “They only tell you about the pros of timeshare ownership and sell it as something you can pass on to your heirs – which turns out to be the reason we wanted to get rid of it!” Like most ARMG clients, the Miksiks had to find a way to be sure their children would not be left with an unwanted financial burden. Cancelling their timeshare contract was the wisest option.

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Mr. and Mrs. Miksik looked around for several months for a solution to their timeshare problems. They were relieved when they found American Resource Management Group, the company with the right combination of trustwothy credentials, helpful advisors and reasonable pricing. They found the information provided on the ARMG website and the personal services they received from their Senior Advisor, Tom Moran helped them to make a wise and informed decision.

“(ARMG’s service) removes concerns about our kids inheriting our debt, as well as the fact that we are in our 60’s and will not be traveling much after our 70’s.”

The Miksik’s shared with us that they were so pleased with the services they received from American Resource Management Group that they would happily recommend our services to friends who also were looking for a reliable way to rid themselves of a timeshare contract.


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Being rid of their timeshare obligations brought Mr. and Mrs. Miksik the feeling of relief that they needed. Now they can rest assured that their children will not suffer the burden of maintenance fees, special assessments, taxes and all the other headaches associated with timeshare ownership! Nor will they have the constant concerns about environmental disasters in Carlsbad, CA that caused them stress and worry.

Why did the Miksiks choose ARMG? In a word, “Trust.”

Your search stops here! You’ve found a GUARANTEED way out of your timeshare contract. American Resource Management Group is an industry-leading timeshare cancellation company that has worked hard to build a long list of satisfied clients. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and long list of happy former timeshare owners proves that we are the solution to your timeshare problem.

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