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Ms. N. O’Neil of East Weymouth, MA owned her timeshare for over 15 years when she decided she’d had enough of high maintenance fees and low availability. Her Inn on the Harbor timeshare was not delivering what she was promised, and the stress of trying to make it work for her wasn’t worth the trouble.

“They (the timeshare sales people) gave the impression that you could exchange with ease. The booklet is filled with impressive options but it never really worked. As well, they indicated that you could easily rent your week if traveling was not an option. That never worked out either. “

As Ms. O’Neil put it, “High Annual Fees and issues with booking desirable sites” made her sure that getting rid of her timeshare obligations altogether was necessary. She spent nearly a month looking for ways to legally end her timeshare contract before discovering the reliable options offered by ARMG.

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Although initially she was disappointed to discover that the only sensible way to legally and permanently end her contract was to employ the service of a trusted timeshare cancellation company like ARMG, Ms. O’Neil wisely made the right choice. By choosing to work with a highly rated, BBB accredited company, in a short period of time she was free of her timeshare obligations. She also successfully sidestepped the many schemes and scams that target desperate timeshare owners.

“To be honest, it was very disappointing to realize that I would have to pay to unload my Newport, RI timeshare.”

In the end, Ms. O’Neil was very happy with her choice, so much so that she told us she’d definitely recommend ARMG’s timeshare cancellation services to friends who were also looking for a way out of timeshare ownership!

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Terminating her timeshare contract was the relief that Ms. O’Neil was looking for. She’s now free to travel anywhere, anytime and no longer has to deal with those high maintenance fees that got more expensive by the year. Never again will she feel the frustration of being unable to rent out her weeks as she was promised she could. The complications of timeshare ownership are now a distant memory. When describing how she feels about having achieved Timeshare Freedom through the timeshare cancellation services of ARMG, Ms. O’Neil replied in a word:


You can achieve Timeshare Freedom just like Ms. O’Neil enjoys now! You’ve found a GUARANTEED solution to your timeshare ownership problems and high maintenance fee headaches. American Resource Management Group offers affordable timeshare cancellation services that legally and permanently put an end to your timeshare obligations. We take pride in our superior customer service, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and our long list of happy clients.

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