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Mr. E. Reinhart of Shorewood, Illinois had grown disappointed with his timeshares. After years of ownership, having used the timeshares almost every year, timeshare ownership wasn’t making good financial or personal sense anymore. The timeshares’ high fees (which he was afraid were only going to get higher) combined with frequent unavailability that restricted when and where he could travel made him decide it was time to find a way to get out of both timeshare contracts.

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Being a wise shopper, Mr. Reinhart searched for a solution for months when he finally discovered American Resource Management Group. He also enjoyed our multi-timeshare discount policy, which was of great benefit to him since he American Resource Management Reviews Reinhartwas eager to get rid of both the Peppertree and the Stormy Point timeshares!

“Pricing was better than average with a discount for multiple properties.”

Mr. Reinhart was so satisfied with the Timeshare Redemption services provided by American Resource Management Group, he told us he’d highly recommend ARMG’s services to a friend!

We know we’re doing things right when our clients are so pleased they’d happily tell those who trust their opinions that we are the #1 timeshare redemption company to choose!

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American Resource Management Review Testimonial ReinhartAs freedom to travel when and where he wants is a high priority to Mr. Reinhart, he can now enjoy being timeshare free thanks to the success of American Resource Management Group’s Timeshare Redemption program. No longer will he suffer the frustration and aggravation of trying to schedule his vacations around a timeshare company’s restrictions.

Likewise, with the money he’ll save from no longer having to pay exorbitant timeshare fees, assessments and taxes, he can now take advantage of the many vacation deals available on the web, without the burdens of timeshare ownership.

If you know you want to get out of your timeshare contract and need a GUARANTEED  timeshare solution from a company you can really put your trust in, speak with the experts at American Resource Management Group. We’re very proud of our dedication to remarkable customer service, an exceptional rating with the Better Business Bureau and our extensive history of highly satisfied clients.

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