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S. Turnoy American Resource Management Review


Ms. S. Turnoy of San Jose, CA knew she’d had enough of ever-increasing monthly fees associated with her timeshare. When she purchased the timeshare, she was assured that when she couldn’t use it, the timeshare would be easy to rent out to cover the maintenance fees. Unfortunately, as many timeshare owners find out, when the time came to rent out the unit it was nowhere near as easy as the timeshare salesmen had claimed.

What did Ms. Turnoy like most about the services she received from ARMG? “RESULTS!”

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Instead of resigning to a lifetime burden of yearly maintenance fee increases and being stuck with a timeshare she couldn’t rent out, Ms. Turnoy decided it was time to end her timeshare contract. She looked around for nearly a month until she discovered the perfect solution to her timeshare problem. American Resource Management Group had the trustworthy reputation and long list of satisfied clients that convinced her to take action.

Ms. S. Turnoy was so satisfied with the timeshare cancellation services she received from ARMG, she would recommend us to her friends!

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Now that her timeshare contract has been legally and permanently transferred out of her name, Ms. Turnoy is relieved to be free from all of the obligations and financial burdens of timeshare ownership. Never again will she have to face opening a bill from her timeshare company showing that her fees have been raised yet again, nor will she have to deal with the frustration of trying to rent out her timeshare. As well, she’ll be free to travel when and where she wants and take advantage of the many travel bargains available today.

If, like Ms. Turnoy, you’re tired of inflated maintenance fees, taxes and special assessments associated with timeshare ownership, take the first step to timeshare freedom! Call the professional timeshare cancellation advocates at ARMG for the legal, permanent and GUARANTEED solution to your timeshare ownership problems.

American Resource Management has earned a rock solid reputation for helping timeshare owners get rid of their timeshare headaches, which is reflected by our high rating with the Better Business Bureau.

American Resource Management Group is a company that takes pride in delivering superior customer service, offering free timeshare cancellation consultations and delivering results our clients rave about.

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