Client Case Study – The Tycehursts


Tycehurst ARMG review

(Actual client picture, used with permission.)

“We now feel free of the burden of charges each year, especially when we could never book into anywhere we wanted to go all around the world!”


Mr. and Mrs. Tycehurst of Australia were tired of the high fees and lack of availability associated with their timeshare ownership.

Lack of availability wasn’t the only problem the Tycehursts had with timeshare ownership. Like many timeshare owners, they were worried about passing their timeshare burden on to their family. As well, they became aware that the cost of timeshare ownership would likely increase over time, which made no sense considering they couldn’t use it when they wanted to.

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The Tycehursts searched for help to get out of their timeshare contract and found that American Resource Management Group offered the combination of the right price and trustworthy track record they’d been looking for.

“The high recommendations on your website and the BBB rating were especially important as we had no trust in anyone involved in timeshare.”

Mr. and Mrs. Tycehurst were so happy with ARMG’s Timeshare Redemption¬†services, they told us they would even recommend our services to friends who also were looking for a reliable way to rid themselves of a timeshare burden.


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Finally being out from under timeshare ownership burdens, the Tycehursts are able to book their own travel without the frustrations of the timeshare trap. No longer will they face a future of ever-increasing fees for a timeshare they could never even get access to! Best of all, they will not have to worry about leaving the same burden for their children to deal with in the future. When describing how they feel now that they have achieved Timeshare Freedom through the timeshare cancellation services of ARMG, the Tycehursts replied in a word:


Stop searching! You’ve found a GUARANTEED solution to your timeshare troubles. American Resource Management Group is a company you can rely on to rid yourself of the hassels of timeshare ownership. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and our long list of happy clients.

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