Get the Timeshare Redemption FAQ’s

1. Who does American Resource Management Group provide Timeshare Redemption for?
ARMGtransfers.com timeshare redemption program is for timeshare owners who:

    • Have already attempted to give back their timeshare to the developer, without success.
    • Are unable to use their timeshare
    • Who are concerned about their inability to sell their timeshare through a listing company
    • Have been overwhelmed by unexpected increasing Maintenance Fees and Special Assessments
    • Are worried about their loved ones inheriting their timeshare and all the fees that go along with it.
    • Have become increasingly frustrated with Exchange Companies
    • Are looking for more affordable vacation options
    • Are widowed, divorced, or simply can no longer travel with their loved ones
    • Don’t use their timeshare as much as they had originally intended
    • No longer able to travel
    • Searching for a way out for any reason

2. What does American Resource Management Group do?
We are a company that helps remove timeshare owners from their timeshare obligations. We offer an affordable, convenient, and guaranteed end to your timeshare contract.

4. Do I qualify for your service?
If your timeshare is paid off in full and your Maintenance Fees and Special Assessments are current, then yes, you likely qualify for our assistance in removing yourself from your timeshare obligation. However, we do not make any false promises or mislead you. We give it to you straight. The companies with whom we work have interest in certain properties and not others. In addition, they only work with companies like ours, not the general public, to acquire certain properties in bulk. If your unit meets our combined criteria (i.e. qualifies), we will review our simple process with you to ensure it is the best option to suit your needs. Contact us to receive an honest evaluation of your property. Even if your resort does not qualify for our service, our consultants will provide you with the direction and advice that other companies cannot and will not provide free of charge, so please contact us now…there is no obligation and our service is 100% guaranteed.

5. Do you charge an upfront fee for your services?
Simply put, yes. Because there are fees that must be dispersed throughout the transfer process it is necessary for us to collect these fees prior to the work being completed. The fees associated with our services are collected upfront, but only after you have thoroughly reviewed our Transfer Agreement and you understand how our simple and guaranteed process works.  We stand behind our promises and your investment. American Resource Management Group, LLC provides every client who enrolls in our services with two 100% Money Back Guarantees protecting your investment and our services.

6. If I use your services, do I have to join a travel club or vacation club?
Absolutely not. ARMGtransfers.com is only interested in removing you and your family from the burden of your timeshare contract. We don’t try and convince you to sign up for any other vacation related liabilities  You do NOT need a travel club to vacation in timeshare units for a fraction of your current maintenance fees. Ask your Timeshare Redemption specialist to show you these great website for free.

7. Is ARMGtransfers.com a legitimate solution to removing my family from our timeshare contract?
We guarantee our results, and our experience as a leader in the industry speaks for itself. The important thing to remember throughout this process is that you are not alone. Thousands of people just like yourself have entered into similar contracts consisting of skyrocketing Maintenance Fees, Special Assessments and taxes. The goal now, is to relieve your family of this financial burden. The first step in achieving this goal, is to contact our Timeshare Redemption Services  in order to receive a free quote today.

8. Can I speak with someone over the phone?
Of course. Please call our toll-free number 877-786-0399 to speak with a representative. Another option is to submit your contact information directly through this web site to have a representative call you. Simply fill out the short contact form on the upper left-hand side of this page and a friendly Timeshare Redemption expert will contact you as soon as possible to go over these Timeshare Redemption FAQ’s and help you achieve timeshare freedom.