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Are you tired of the rising costs and headaches associated with your timeshare?

Let us show you how to save thousands by NOT owning a timeshare!

We’ve helped frustrated timeshare owners from all over the globe with our inexpensive services, and we can help you too!

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100% Money Back
Hire the Nation's Leading Timeshare Cancellation Team

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American Resource Management Group has been operating for over six years and we proudly maintain an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau since opening in 2012!
100% Money Back
100% Money Back
100% Money Back

We work together with our clients to make sure the Transfer process is as simple as possible. We handle all the hard work so that you can finally take a Breath! It's Time to let a Company with a proven track record and commitment to excellence help alleviate your troubles

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Victor Gonzalez | Former Resort Owner

We are very pleased to have accomplished something that appeared impossible. Thank you for the service! When we spoke to you we immediately felt you would be the one to deal with our nightmare. Your representatives were extraordinary and very clear throughout the whole process.

Margaret Colby | Former Resort Owner

Very thorough, kept me updated at every step of the way. Everyone was outstanding in their customer service and I enjoyed working with them. Thank you again!! I will recommend your services without a single doubt.

Kenneth Erwood | Former Resort Owner

I am very pleased that your company has been able to take care of this issue for me. I no longer have to pay maintenance fees and club dues that seem to climber higher and higher. THANK YOU!

William Bowers | Former Resort Owner

Initially, we were a little skeptical of the fee amount for your services, but after checking with BBB reports and looking at reviews we decided to go ahead. We were truly sick and tired of the endless fees and dues and increases, with no end in sight. Thankfully, we are out of that obligation today!

John & Teresa Miracle | Former Resort Owners

Can’t improve upon perfection- that’s exactly what we experienced with your company. Many of our friends had gotten scammed from other companies so this is truly a blessing to have been completed as effectively and timely as it was. We are very grateful.

Thomas Bergman | Former Resort Owner

This is truly FREEDOM at last. We’ve been on a long journey to end our relationship with Palm Canyon. Thanks to your company, an attestment to honesty and integrity, we finally have that freedom. We are very pleased with your service!

Melanie Stensrud | Former Resort Owner

A concrete legal process. Our orginal purchase was in 1998 and we subsequently added points as the family grew and aged. We realized in 2016, DRI didn't offer an exit when we wanted to exit. ARMG has provided a service that walks you through the process at a reasonable price. We are truly grateful.

James Baldwin | Former Resort Owner

ARMG was always available by phone and responsive to our questions and concerns. I appreciated receiving pro-active calls as well, often timed just perfectly when our anxieties were beginning to climb. Our rep was a constant guide. It was very gratifying to have a specific person to speak with!

Allan Jaggard | Former Resort Owner

I was very impressed with the professionalism of this company. I was kept informed almost more than I needed throughout the process. I say more than needed only because I could tell right from the get go this service was legit. The people involved in this service were all great!

Dixie G. Emler | Former Resort Owner

I really cannot believe that you accomplished such a task!!! My family and friends really did not want my timeshare so I knew I had to cancel. Your services were outstanding with good timing for updates and friendly staff members. Very impressed and pleased to shut this door in my life!