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Providing transparency in our services and offerings is something we take great pride in. You may find the exact opposite from the majority of our competitors.  Most companies charge over inflated fees based off your annual maintenance dues. In reality, there are very few things that should fluctuate the price point of a timeshare exit quote. One such variable is the mandated resort transfer fee. Make sure when choosing your timeshare exit company, you ask them how much of their total fee is for the mandated transfer fee – and then verify that amount with your resort. Some companies charge over inflated transfer fees in hopes you never ask the right questions.

American Resource Management Group GuaranteesPayment For Our Services:

Here at American Resource Management Group, LLC we only accept payment from our clients AFTER our transfer agreement has been reviewed, signed and filed by both parties. Never allow any company to charge you money prior to you having a written and endorsed agreement in your possession that you clearly understand and you can verify their verbal promises are in writing.

American Resource Management Group 100% Money Back Guarantee x2 :

We offer two 100% Money Back Guarantees on all our timeshare ownership transfers.

American Resource Management Group Guarantee#1) 100% Money Back Guarantee: Legal and Permanent Transfer of Ownership

We guarantee that your timeshare property will be legally and permanently recorded from your name of ownership. If for any reason  your legal obligations to the property are not terminated by our office within the timeframe outlined in our Transfer Agreement – you are entitled to 100% of your money back. You will receive a full refund.

American Resource Management Group 100% Guarantees#2) 100% Money Back Guarantee: No Future Fees

We guarantee that once our transfer service has been completed, you will be obligated for no future fees on your previous timeshare ownership. If for any reason you receive an invoice for fees associated with your formerly held property that you are financially obligated for – you are entitled to 100% of your money back. You will receive a full refund.

Our dual-layered guarantee provides a complete protection that no other office provides. Our clients enjoy the comforts of knowing that their investment in our office is protected by the industry’s strongest timeshare transfer guarantees. 

American Resource Management Group Guarantees You Can Count On!

American Resource Management Group Guarantees we will facilitate the legal and permanent transfer of your timeshare and that you will incur no future fees once the job is done… or your money back! Contact Us Today

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