The Help You Need

Timeshare HelpAmerican Resource Management Group is a private holding company with years of experience liquidating troubled real estate assets. Our primary clients are distressed Timeshare owners looking to be removed of the ever-rising financial burdens these “assets” present.  We offer a low-cost, 100% money-back guaranteed process that frees vacation owners of any and all financial obligation to their resort.

We complete hundreds of transactions every month, yet every client is treated as if they are our only one. We are big enough to get the job done but small enough to remember your name!

American Resource Management Group employs a fully staffed, in-house, legal department that oversees all internal compliance while keeping up with the always changing legal requirements involved with each resort.  We understand all the guidelines and procedures of transferring ownership, as well as the unfair and deceptive trade practices that are often used to rope in unsuspecting future timeshare titleholders.

Timeshare Help from American Resource Management Group

At American Resource Management Group we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and won’t rest until we have it!  All of our Resource Managers work hand in hand with large inventory buyers and their licensed and bonded titling companies to ensure a quick and easy exit strategy. 

American Resource Management Group is committed to the highest standards of integrity in our business practices.  Integrity is one of our core values because we believe it is an important component in our success.  Our Global Code of Conduct mandates that all employees, vendors, and affiliates follow strict, ethical guidelines that put the customer first in every transaction.  We understand that no one cares how much we know until they know how much we care.

We know you are at your wit’s end and desperate to find timeshare help by the time you contact us! We are proud of our track record and our vow to make sure every timeshare owner who wants out gets the help they need.  The best part of our job is when we get to tell a timeshare owner that the process is complete and that they are finally free to reclaim their life!