The Timeshare Headache

Timeshare - American Resource Management GroupDoes this situation sound familiar? 

Timeshare owners are strategically marketed to with lure of “freebies” and other trinket items. Many are simply offered “too good to turn down” stays at a hotel or resort in exchange for 90 minutes of their time.  The prospective clients arrive to find a beautiful resort with all the luxury amenities one could want.  Some resorts offer casinos while others have luscious landscapes and beautiful pools.  Some may have even found themselves lying on a sandy white beach surrounded by palm trees. 

Whatever the circumstances were, there came a point when you and your loved ones were immersed in the full joy of vacationing while visions of yearly getaways danced in your head.  The next day you probably found yourself at a timeshare presentation or taking a grand tour of the whole resort before eventually winding up in a big party-like atmosphere.

There were lots of other couples in exactly the same situation as you were.  Bells were ringing as the high-pressure salesmen circled around.  Every once in a while you might have heard,  “Mr. and Mrs. Jones just invested in the happiness of their future.”  Before you knew it, you had signed next to the X and were on your way to a lifetime of vacation bliss. 

So you thought……

This may not have been exactly the way you got locked into your timeshare nightmare.  Every situation is different and some timeshare owners even sought out the resort on their own.  Some people may have years of happiness with their timeshare, but the truth is over 63% of timeshare owners have not been back to their resort since the day it was purchased.  Right now there are over 8 million timeshare owners and approximately 50% of them are currently looking for a way out.  What you once thought of as an asset has now become a liability!


Timeshare owners state many of the reasons for their unhappiness include:

  • An unavailable week and trouble booking or exchanging a vacation week
  • A lifestyle change in which exuberant maintenance fees are no longer possible to keep up with
  • Limited mobility due to health problems, making their timeshare obsolete


On top of this, many timeshare owners express a great deal of dissatisfaction when they cannot book a week through their resort, yet they find their same exact week available on other travel sites such as Expedia, Priceline, or Travelocity.

The unfortunate irony is that as a timeshare owner you are now locked into a perpetual deeded property.  Perpetual meaning FOREVER, FOREVER, FOREVER! But what the word perpetual also means is that it is not just your headache but one you will pass on to your heirs as part of your estate.   Ask yourself, is that liability something you want to pass on to your children and possibly even your grandchildren?

The good news is, here at American Resource Management Group we can offer you a way out!  It is our job to make sure you thoroughly understand the timeshare exit process and that we don’t leave any question unanswered.  We want to prove to you that we are different from any other company you may have worked with in the past!  There is no magic formula behind what we do, just years of hard work and a total commitment to customer satisfaction!